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Shipping costs

The delivery and shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the order (shopping cart total).

If you order large quantities over 500.00 CHF, we will deliver them personally within a radius of 50 km.

> 0 - 1.99 kg 10.50 CHF
> 2 - 9.99 kg 13.50 CHF
> 10 - 29.99 kg 22.50 CHF

Delivery area

The deliveries of Osina GmbH are territorially restricted (CH). If you order abroad, please contact us first by mail. Once the order has been confirmed by Osina GmbH, the products will be delivered to the address indicated by the Customer when placing the order. Delivery time Osina GmbH works together with the Swiss Post and sends your packages only with Priority (A-Post). Once the Osina GmbH`s bank account has received the amount due, the order will be prepared for shipment. Daily shipping takes place from Monday to Thursday. In this way the Swiss Post guarantees the domestic customer that the ordered goods will be received on the following working day or at the latest the working day after next. The Osina GmbH declines any liability for complications in shipping caused by third party negligence (carrier - post office or its partners). No deliveries are made on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and official national or cantonal holidays.

Delivery in absence

If the customer is not at home at the time of delivery, a collection request will be issued to the recipient by Swiss Post. The recipient can use this request to collect the goods himself at the defined post office counter. Responsibility passes to the customer upon delivery, regardless of his/her presence or absence. If the package is not picked up by the customer at the post office and returned to Osina GmbH after the collection period has expired. The Osina GmbH accepts no liability for any harmful or spoilt products. The material damage caused, any second delivery with replaced products and any costs incurred can be charged directly to the Customer, subject to reservation.


The customer assumes responsibility for the delivered products, even if the products are taken back by the Post Office in his absence. Complaints concerning the quality of the delivery will be accepted during 5 days after receipt of the goods. Products ordered by the Customer by mistake will not be taken back or refunded by Osina GmbH.

The ordering and delivery conditions are subject to change until the order is confirmed by Osina GmbH.