Baobab Seeds 350g

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Baobab Seeds 350g

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Ingredients: Fruits of wild baobab trees dried.

Natural pleasure
Power food from the West African savannah: our nutrient-rich baobab powder comes from the fruits of the baobab tree. Enjoy the delicious energy package and let yourself be seduced by the myths surrounding the sacred magic tree.

Many legends and fairy tales entwine around the baobab tree. The trees grow wild in the African savannah and the population reveres the mighty giants as sacred apothecary trees or magic trees. Baobab trees grow up to 40 metres high and reach a diameter of up to 12 metres. From root to fruit, the giant serves as a traditional food to maintain a balanced intestinal flora.

Baobab is the powder from the fruits of the baobab tree. The oval to round fruits hang down on long stalks from the branches of the tree. At harvest time in winter, the tree sheds its leaves. While the fruits are ripening, the tree withdraws the water from them. Thus, the fruits dry naturally and the powder can be carefully separated from the husk. It is not after-treated and is therefore known worldwide for its uniquely high content of naturally dried vitamin C.

Baobab powder scores with numerous nutrients and seduces with a wonderful taste experience. Its fine, sweet-sour taste perfectly rounds off muesli, fruit, salad dressings and various raw vegetable dishes. One to three tablespoons of the fruit powder transform smoothies, juice or nut milk into an extraordinarily aromatic vitamin bomb. A wonderful, exotic source of energy.